We educate and prepare our primary years
children to face the challenges of a fast-paced
technologically driven world by
introducing them to ICT through our
methods of instruction, activities and assessment.


Here at Jeremiah Robert Joshua (JRJ) Excellence Academy every child is celebrated

We ensure a seamless transition from the Early Years.

Our facilities encourages creativity in our primary school students.

Pupils are taught in organized, mixed ability classes using a variety of teaching styles to meet the needs of each child – challenging our more able and gifted pupils and supporting those who need additional help. We believe that every child has something unique to offer and we pride ourselves on identifying and nurturing that trait; academic, sporting, musical, artistic, scientific or technological.

Pupils graduating from Early Years become considerate individuals, taking with them a wealth of experiences: teamwork, empathy, good foundation in numeracy and literacy…

Memories of their time at Jeremiah Robert Joshua (JRJ) Excellence Academy include moments in the spotlight in-class, school and regionally via best student-in-subject, debates… And, of course, they take with them the friends they have made. Friends that will walk alongside them for a long time to come.

Primary Details

Primary Details
Class Size 14 Kids
Years Old From 5 yrs
Class Duration 20 mins
Max Teacher Max Of 2