Early Years

Step into our Early Years classrooms and you will be greeted
by engaged and happy children making the most of our ,
well-equipped bright, and spacious facility.

Early Years

Here at Jeremiah Robert Joshua (JRJ) Excellence Academy   every child is celebrated

We understand that the transition from home to school is a major step for children and parents alike.

Our early years class-rooms are well-equipped with audio and video teaching materials and well trained teachers/care-givers to help guide your child through early days of learning.

Parents are warmly welcomed to share their child’s journey; PTA is held each term where parents are invited to the classrooms and the children have the opportunity to showcase their learning.

It is always delightful to watch the children develop throughout Early Years and it is with excitement that we watch them move up to the challenges ahead in Primary Years.

Early Years Details

Early Years Details
Class Size 14 kids
Years Old From 2yrs
Class Duration 35 mins
Max Teacher Max of 2