House System

House System

Pupils show abundant self-awareness of themselves as learners and delight in improving their understanding

At the heart of Jeremiah Robert Joshua (JRJ) Excellence Academy we believe in three(3) core values: Honesty, Respect, and Integrity. These three values make up our House System.

Honesty House – Blue
Respect House – Red
Integrity House – Green

On special days, during assembly, the pupils are sorted into one of the three Houses; Honesty, Respect, and Integrity; and become part of that family group for their time at Jeremiah Robert Joshua (JRJ) Excellence Academy.

Positions of responsibility are awarded each year (House King and House Queen) and pupils take an active role in organizing the members of the House and events.

The House system encourages competition and participation in a variety of events.  Some of these include photography, music, sports, poetry, art, and general knowledge.  We have fun and build lasting friendships and understanding between pupils of different ages.

House System Details

House System Details
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