Welcome ToJRJ Excellence Academy
Best School in Galadimawa Abuja

About Our School

In 2019 Jeremiah Robert Joshua (JRJ) Excellence Academy was established to facilitate the development of do-it-yourself skills and independent habits in our children.

We saw this as one of the major factors for building self confidence and zeal to make our children brave enough to face the world of today.

Jeremiah Robert Joshua (JRJ) Excellence Academy’s learning environment is serene, conducive, and well equipped with computer and internet facilities which meet the demands of the present age in terms of IT compliance. For one stop real-time innovative service, continuous assessment and examination results of pupils, and relevant information required by current and potential parents/guardians are made available on our platforms.

Our conducive environment does well in arousing interest of the pupils for learning.

Who We Are

JRJ Excellence Academy is at the heart of our philosophy. And completely dedicated to giving,loving, caring and absolute attention to all child at all time.

What We Do

  • ✔ We create the best future for your kids
  • ✔ We make every child realizes his or her dream.
  • ✔ We provide excellent education service
  • ✔ At JRJ we inspire to dream and groom to lead

Our Vision

To be a top tier Academy of Excellent Education.

Our Core Values
Care, compassion, honesty, respect and discipline.

Our Mission

To instil discipline, integrity, good character and encourage creativity through capacity building of our students.